Profitable sustainability, the way to make impact

That's why we at Circular Matters are developing a biobased material, with the quality and look your customers expect from you, combined with a positive environmental impact.

100% Plant-based

Like nature, we don't need oil or synthetic substances to create beautiful materials.

Durable & Strong

The Q'bo material is as strong and durable as wood

VOC Free

No toxic binders or glues are used, so no harmful emission of VOCs

A beautiful range of natural colours and textures

Made from Organic Residual Streams

The Q'bo Material is made from organic residual streams from agriculture, food processing and green maintenance. Together with our suppliers, we aim to maximise the use of natural resources.

Available Panels

We currently offer two kinds of materials, one made from rescued beer grains and one made from bran.

Shape it how you like

Next to panels, the Q'bo material can be 3D shaped like plastics. Through the use of moulds, all kinds of products can be achieved.

You have a product idea? Our engineers can assist product development team to asses feasibility and help with mould design.

We currently target furniture companies, but feel free to contact us for your other product ideas.

Let's talk business

Companies That Use Materials

The Q'bo material is available to be used by selected companies in pilot-projects. Please get in touch if you are interested.

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Companies that generate residual streams

We offer a service to companies that want to engage in the circular economy by converting their waste stream into valuable materials.

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