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Our products are all made with our Coobeau technology for natural biopolymers. By altering ingredients and processing conditions, three different product categories are created, each with their own use cases:

Wall Tile
– for sale

Traditional tiles have large carbon footprint. Much fossil gas required for firing, heavy clay has to transported over a long distance, and tiles are not recyclable.

Our Plantbased Ceramic alternative is different. Low in carbon emission. Made with 100% clean energy. Made from non-feed biomass. Recyclable into new tiles after use, or otherwise biodegradable. And best of all: it offers everything most people expect from tiles for vertical use.

In some situation, ceramic tiles should last a thousand years. If you’re building the next Taj Mahal, for example. But in many other case, you just want an aesthetic, durable and easy to clear surface. In the second case, you might want to choose a tile made from our Plantbased Ceramic alternative.

Interested in the first product made from this material, a Plantbased Tile for vertical use? Visit StoneCycling.com.

Solid Panel
– currently unavailable

A solid, coloured in the core panel. Not just an eco-looking layer on top of a regular board, but genuinely consistent throughout.

We had multiple customers who successfully applied these panels, but due to the unfortunate shutdown of our production partner for these panels, we are no longer able to deliver these panels. We’re currently setting up our own production line for panels of 60×120 cm, and are at the same time looking for a partner to commercialize these panels.

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The Plantbased Solid panel is a solid, high-density finishing material for interior projects and furniture, that contributes to a healthy living environment thanks to its natural composition. It is made from plantbased sidestreams such as beer spent grain and reed, and doesn’t contain any glue, so no harmful molecules in your home.

Solid Panels have the benefit that they are pretty when CNC-milled or sawed, without any edge banding. This saves costs, but also enable true circularity (because recycling these egde bands is really challenging).

The panels are naturally flame retardant and self-extinguishing.

Thermoformable Panel
– in development

A solid, coloured in the core panel, optimised for 3D thermoforming. These panels combine the naturalness of our 100% biobased material, with the 3D shaping capabilities of plastics.

The formability is comparable with standard heavy gauge thermoforming (slightly less stretch possible). Products made with this technique are still biodegradable.

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CornWall® by StoneCycling

CornWall® is a tile or sheet material intended for vertical use made from regional organic waste (mainly corncob cores). It will be supplied with a demountable anchoring system and is an affordable alternative for ceramic wall cladding or other less sustainable composite materials. Application includes vertical wall finishing for the interior, such as walls, backsplashes of bars and hotel rooms, and panelling.Get in touch with StoneCycling to learn how their tile can be used in your projects.

K Bio by ETAP

K Bio is an emergency lighting by ETAP, developed for ecological buildings. The design plays with the link between craft and industry, with the texture referring to the centuries-old gouging technique. The product is designed to be assembled and disassembled without glue or other permanent joining techniques, in line with the principles of circular design.  

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