Working With Us

Our Focus

We develop and produce materials that find their way into buildings. Construction materials, finishing panels, tiles, ceiling panels, materials for (moulded) furniture… as long as it’s inside and for buildings we’re interested.

Why buildings? Because 40% of the waste in the EU comes from buildings and furniture. We want to change that, step by step.

Our Approach

We co-create with existing brands and manufacturers. As material nerds, we know that every material has it’s own unique strengths and weaknesses. Therefor, simple replacing the old materials in products with new ones, without changing the design, often doesn’t give the best results. That’s why we co-create with the in-house designers and product managers from our customers, to create the best possible products made from our materials.

As a start-up company, we can’t enter such co-creation trajectories without financial commitment from our customers. Development costs money, and we can’t pay our bills and team members with future revenue of product sales. That’s why we charge money to get access to our technology and material expertise.

We have two offerings:

Product co-creation

Develop a product from our materials.

What’s included:

  • Our material expertise
  • Unlimited attention for our engineers to get your product just right
  • Access to our lab for testing
  • All the materials you need to make prototypes
  • An industrial designer with experience with our materials
  • Scale-up assistance form our 3D thermoforming partner, if applicable

Bespoke material development

Develop a material from your own sidestreams

What’s included:

• Deep dive into your sidestream
• Material experiments with your sidestream in our laboratory
• Conversion of your sidestream into material ingredient
• Creation of material samples
• Mechanical testing of those samples
• Business case evaluation

Some of our customers

Learn more about how Circular Matters works and how we can help you.

Who we work with

Building materials manufacturers

The Coobeau technology is an opportunity for manufacturers of building materials to tap into the rapid growth in the bio-circular materials space.
We can provide you with the technology, so you can do production with your existing machines. Or we can deliver materials made at our own production facility right to your gate. Together we commercialise the materials of tomorrow.

Brands that sell physical products for buildings and interiors

Circular Matters works with brands of all shapes and sizes – from the biggest multinational companies to innovative start-ups – to co-create new products for inside buildings and interiors, made from bio-circular materials. Let’s replace your legacy materials from the 20th century together by co-creating.

Product design agencies

We excited to work with forward-thinking product design agencies. By integrating our material, you can transform your designs into sustainable realities that resonate with both aesthetics and environmental responsibility. Let’s reimagine products together, crafting solutions that harmonize form, function, and eco-consciousness. Whether it’s reinventing existing concepts or pioneering new ones, our collaboration can shape a future where design meets sustainability seamlessly.