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Your inspiration to incorporate our Circular Materials

Circular Wall Systems

Did you choose for a flexible, circular wall system to divide up your office space? Great! Choosing our panels for the finishin is even better. They offer great accoustic blocking properties combined with a beautiful natural look in a material that is developed from waste streams.

Retail Design

Follow in the footsteps of one of our pioneering customers, Colruyt Group, and choose our better materials to display your products in the most attractive and natural way.

Design Furniture Manufacturing

Make your design stand out in looks and in impact. A statement piece of furniture made with these circular materials is not only beautiful, it is also a great conversation starter.

Custom co-developments

Circular Matters materials are very versatile and flexible, and so are we. Especially for 3D formed applications, do not hesitate to get in touch when you want to explore the possibilities of realizing your product or project in our materials.

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Retail Design

Creating spaces that enhance your impact

Colruyt Group is known for being a pioneer in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship in Belgium. That is why they chose Circular Matters Panels in the finishing of their Bio-Planet stores. The first store – in Eigenbrakel – has been refurbished and many more are to follow.

  • No synthetic resins (that’s right, 0%)

  • No trees were harmed in the furnishing of this store

  • Durable and strong

  • Fully bio-based and bio-degradable or recyclable upon end of life

What our clients have to say

“I never envisioned needing as much guidance as Avada Interior Designer has given me, but I’m glad I got in touch!”