Circular Matters® is an award-winning, clean-tech materials start-up at the intersection of bioengineering and polymer processing. We push the boundaries of biobased materials. Our ambition is to have a large-scale positive impact on our natural environment. 

2021 has been a great year for us. We opened our pilot production facility in Belgium, started production of our panels and initiated great projects with launching customers like Bio-Planet, NIKO, Van Hoecke & de Bijenkorf. In 2022 we’ll further grow our team, launch an innovative and patented new conversion technique, scale up our pilot plant, and much more. Too much for our current team to handle, and that’s why we’re seeking a full-time colleague:  

R&D Engineer bio-circular materials  

Company overview 

At Circular Matters® we transform side stream biomass into 100% bio-based and recyclable high-value materials. Our materials are true alternatives for fossil plastics and resins. Using our materials our customers buildings and products become engineered carbon sinks, that actively combat climate change, while keeping fossils deep underground.  

Your responsibilities 

The challenges in biopolymer production and processing are multifaceted and transcend one specific expertise. As a generalist with previous experience in (bio)polymers processing you’re ready to tackle these. 

Moulding process development 

  • You combine technology and market feedback to improve and scale our bioplastic forming strategies. This will include both incremental and radical process innovation. 
  • You develop repeatable and reliable production protocols that can be scaled up to an industrial level and execute testing campaigns at partners’ technical centers. 

Material improvement 

  • Define our material improvement work together with the team and external advisors, and executing this work in our lab.   
  • Development of new material compositions based on customer specifications or newly identified (waste/sidestream) raw materials. For these projects, you will do both project planning and execution of material fabrication, tests and evaluations (both in-house and external) 
  • Contribute to several running projects and developments, by manufacturing material samples and prototypes. You’ll probably also be contact point for multiple technical customers after a while.  

Life cycle assessment

  • Assist an external institute with their task to create an LCA for both our pilot factory and our future large-scale factory, and use their analysis to further improve the ecological footprint of our materials. 

Product & application development 

  • Support business development by making first prototypes, models or sketches. 
  • Manage customer-initiated moulding projects, ensuring that goals for development, testing, design and quality are met. 

Circular Matters® is a start-up, which means that our resources are limited, but our ambition and creativity are endless. As our colleague you should see a challenge in every hurdle on your path, and be:  

  • Self-starting and responsible 
    You’ll get a lot of ownership. We won’t be able to guide you all the time, or won’t check whether or not you will reach a deadline if you don’t ask us to.  
  • Adaptive
    A start up is a dynamic environment, and you’ll have to be able to handle that. The location of our next, larger production facility? We don’t know it yet. The exact production technique that we’ll be using two years from now? No clue. It’s up to you to co-create this future with us.  
  • Resourceful, frugal & hands-on
    We love our lab, but it might be rudimental in comparison with the ones you’re used to. Since the money on our bank account is not unlimited, it’s not fully equipped with every tool you can dream of. You’ll have to think win-win with industrial partners, or devise creative ways to use easily available machines. And most important you are hands-on. Since you will do both project planning as execution you don’t mind getting your hands dirty to get things done. 
  • Learner
    Circular Matters operates at the crossroads of bioengineering and traditional plastics processing. It would be fantastic if you have experience in both fields, but not required if you’re a quick learner and interested in delving into a domain you are currently less familiar with. 
What we offer 

You’ll take a pivotal role within an ambitious team with a shared passion for the climate, circularity and the bio-based economy. While the company grows your role will change. Depending on your aspirations we’re open for you evolving towards either a more managerial role, or a position as specialist.  

We offer a full-time contract in Belgium. Our workplace and lab are located in the southern outskirts of Brussels (close to Lot train station). Our rental agreement runs until June 2022, afterwards we will likely move to another location.  


Please send your CV and motivation letter to Victor ( If you don’t fit perfectly in the above description, but feel like you could contribute to what we’re doing, please apply and explain why we should meet you. We value diversity in all its forms and welcome all applications!